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11 Ways That School Has Perfectly Prepared You For Your First Job

You've had YEARS of training. Put it all to good use and launch your career with EY.

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1. Time management.

How you learned it: By juggling five classes, that play you were in, and your job at the campus center and still coming out on top.

How you'll use it: You'll meet all your deadlines like a boss. (And your boss will love it. Haha.)

2. Taking advantage of perks.

How you learned it: Chasing down free food anywhere you could find it on campus like a true maniac.

How you'll use it: By keeping both eyes open 24/7 for emails notifying employees of free anything (but especially food).

3. Taking on big projects on your own. / Via

How you learned it: By doing just that — over the last four years, you've done bigger and bigger projects solo and nailed every single one.

How you'll use it: By being the guy/lady in the room who volunteers to take on something challenging.

4. Utilizing caffeine.

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How you learned it: Quickly.

How you'll use it: Continuously.

5. Working in groups... / Via


How you'll use it: Sorry to to be the one to tell you this, but...there are group projects at real jobs too. :(

6. ...and sometimes groups of people you don't like. / Via

How you learned it: Remember Becky, who you hated and kept being assigned to work with? Or maybe it was Dave? Whoever it was, you made it work and came out with a successful project every time, right?

How you'll use it: At some point, you will definitely work with someone you aren't a huge fan of. But you know how to do that, so you're all good.

7. Knowing when to nap.

How you learned it: Trial and error.

How you'll use it: Wisely.

8. Giving presentations. / Via

How you learned it: The most effective way — by doing millions of them!

How you'll use it: The high quality of the first presentations you give in the professional world will give you a big leg up.

9. Occasionally fakin' it till you make it.

How you learned it: When from time to time you weren't prepared for class (and still came off looking impressively smart).

How you'll use it: While you're being trained and everything is still new, you'll manage to still get things done right and on time with a smile on your face.

10. Communicating effectively with superiors. / Via

How you learned it: Your professors all love you. Nailed it.

How you'll use it: By being a professional whose day-to-day communication is on point and admired.

11. Confidence.

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How you learned it: It grew along with your talents.

How you'll use it: Confidence is impressive, it inspires trust, and it keeps you focused. Look at you! You're ready for the big time.