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11 Numbers That Put Senior Year Of College In Perspective

Welcome to 16th grade. Seniors, start thinking about what's to come after graduation, and launch your career with EY.

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1. Senior year of college is a fraction of your education. In fact, hours spent during a senior year class account for...

...of a student's entire academic career to date.


Think of all those childhood days! Most four-year college classes require at least 45 contact hours per semester. Even if you spent only four hours a day at school growing up (a minimum for some states), you've done most of the work during the first 15 years.

2. If seniors studied nonstop, they could be studying for almost...

...and it would be the shortest and worst school year of all time.


Most bachelor's degree programs anticipate twice as many non-contact hours per semester than contact hours. Completing all these hours at once is, obviously, not recommended, but WOW!

...MILLION slices of pizza.


If pizza consumption is split evenly, it's estimated that the students of the University of Texas, Austin (the most attended college in the country) would get 6.5 pieces of pizza per semester (reports a pizza-dazed UT campus journalist).

...less time writing emails than they likely will in the near future. / Via

Whereas it's estimated that college students only spend six minutes a day on email, it's estimated that "knowledge workers" spend an estimated 106 minutes per day.

7. After college, one study found college friends live an average of...

8. One study found that out of married, college-educated couples...

...more likely for a student now than it was in 1960.


Grade inflation, though seemingly a national crisis, ain't your problem! A 2012 study of nearly 1.5 million students found that grade percentage points have steadily increased since 1960.

10. The U.S. senior class is an intimidating bunch. It accounts for approximately...

...agree that pushing through senior year will totally be worth it in the long run.


A Pew research study found that 62% of college students think their time in school has already paid off, and an additional 26% think it will be worth it down the line.

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