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Survivor Game Changers And The Baby Goat Dilemma

Sandra shows why she's one of the most ruthless competitors in Survivor history

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Malcolm produced 2 immunity idols to save his friends, and force an alliance to turn on each other.

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Malcolm, you are a national treasure

It's a well known fact that Survivors are starving while playing the game, so when JT and Malcolm tried to catch wild goats to feed their tribe, they very quickly realized the only reason they were able to catch this goat was because it was a mama and a baby.

Thank god the rest of the tribe had a conscience, with Malcolm stating "It IS the goat version of Bambi right now" and JT (also a former Survivor winner) saying in his interview "I'm not a savage beast, there's no way I'm gonna kill that mama goat and her baby, I just can't do it.".

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