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    7 Best Budget Restaurants Near University Of Cape Town

    As school reopens in South Africa, the student population in Cape Town will increase. Many students will travel to Cape Town for higher education, especially the University of Cape Town which is one of Africa’s top universities. Cape Town is full of beautiful places and harbors beautiful restaurants with new ones opening faster. If you're a student or traveler and need a place to eat well without spending much while having quality time, check out these 7 best restaurants just around the University of Cape Town.

    1. Rhodes Memorial Restaurant

    Rhodes Memorial Restaurant & Tea Garden is a must for any visitor to Cape Town. The restaurant and memorial is situated high up the mountain, giving the most awesome view of Cape Town while enjoying your meal.

    It's a stunning place with statues, history, nature and view all in one.

    Rhodes Memorial Restaurant & Tea Garden is a great place to visit near UCT campus. Whether you're a fresh student or a study-abroad student in South Africa, specifically University of Cape Town, this restaurant is place to eat and relax before you leave campus.

    There are various menu options available to choose from. It is vegetarian friendly and prices are cool.

    Rhodes Memorial Restaurant is located 0.4 miles from the University of Cape Town.

    2. Maharajah vegetarian restaurant

    If you're a vegetarian who love Indian food, this should be your favorite restaurant in the city of Cape Town. There is no doubt that Maharajah vegetarian is a first choice for Indian students studying at UCT.

    This Indian restaurant has a lovely variety of delicious vegetarian meals and desserts, including good vegan options.

    The restaurant is small but clean and modern with a very low key atmosphere, low lights, comfortable seating, friendly, intimate and personal.

    Maharajah vegetarian restaurant is just 0.4 miles away from the University.

    3. The Hussar Grill (Rondebosch)

    The Hussar Grill Rondebosch seems the favorite restaurant for travelers and Capetonians. Located in Rondebosch, Cape Town (0.6 miles from UCT), the classic Captonian grill serves fantastic steak made to perfection.

    Hussar Grill has a lovely atmosphere, a good customer service and also other very good food if you don't want to go for the steaks.

    The quality of service couple the quality food served makes Hussar Grill a bit expensive to what you can cook at home, but it is also better than what most of us can cook at home.

    4. The Gardeners Cottage Restaurant & Coffee Shop

    Another best place around University of Cape Town to have quality food and spend quality time is The Gardeners Cottage Restaurant & Coffee Shop. This restaurant is just 0.9 miles away from campus.

    Nicely sited in Newlands underneath old trees, which looks like a kind of old farmhouse converted very tastefully to a restaurant, set amongst a mini forest of pine trees.

    It is everything you need to feel comfortable.

    Having launch here is an awesome way to relax and have good food served with your favorite drinks.

    There's indoor seating, on the veranda and plenty of outside seating under the enormous trees. The place is dog friendly and very popular with locals especially brunch.

    5. Barristers

    Barristers has always been a favorite meeting spot in the Southern Suburbs and is one of the grand old restaurants of Cape Town. Situated in the heart of Newlands Village, the restaurant serves high quality steaks and other good food at reasonable prices.

    They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that cater for all tastes and budgets. You'll love the outside seating space, the atmosphere and the quality of service.

    6. Mamma Roma Ristorante

    Another restaurant in Newlands is a real family-run Italian restaurant with extensive menu, good wine list and great people running the show.

    Mamma Roma Ristorante is good place to order Pizza. It is located on 5 Dean Street, a mile from University of Cape Town.

    If you're a student and want a lovely place to hang out that won’t bust your wallet, then Mamma Roma is the ideal place for you.

    7. Foresters Arms Pub

    Nestled at the foot of our majestic mountains, in the leafy suburb of Newlands, Cape Town, Foresters Arms Restaurant and Pub, affectionately known as “Forries”, is one of the oldest pubs in South Africa and provides the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    It has ideal weather for sitting out on their terrace for the ultimate, authentic pub experience, with a selection of fine beers, wines and whiskeys and a menu to tantalize your taste buds.

    The iconic Pub in Newlands is located just 1 mile away from the African top university.

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