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14 Real Life Moments When It's OK To Channel Stassi Shroeder

Stassi 2016.

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When your friends refuse to shotgun a beer with you

When your date ends up being a total psychopath.

When someone wears harem pants.

When you buy a round for you and a friend but they don't reciprocate

Whenever a ridiculous bar fight breaks out

Whenever you run into a friend's ex

When someone brags about not owning a TV

When college students complain about how stressed they are.

When one of your friends makes a situation between you and your crush awkward.

Whenever someone talks about how fast their metabolism is.

When one of your friends considers getting back together with an old boyfriend

When people still randomly talk about their study abroad experience and how it changed their life.

When someone takes karaoke seriously.

But in real life, when all of these things actually happen...

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