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    Posted on Oct 24, 2016

    Turn Your Squad Into A Six-Pack With This Group Halloween Costume

    Cheers, friends!

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    12 pieces white felt


    Fabric scissors
    6 plain t-shirts

    Hot glue gun


    Aluminium foil

    6 headbands

    Metallic duct tape
    6 hula hoops


    1. Draw can labels on white felt using a marker and cut out with scissors.

    2. Attach the felt to t-shirts using hot glue.

    3. Draw can tab shape on cardboard using a marker and cut out with scissors.

    4. Cover each tab with aluminium foil. Hot glue one tab onto each headband; secure with a piece of duct table.

    5. Duct tape 6 hula hoops together to create six-pack case. Cover hula hoops with duct tape for a metallic look.

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