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    Turn An Old Dresser Into This Adorable Bench

    Chic seating and smart storage in one.

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    That old dresser sitting by the curb? Yeah, you're gonna want to grab it.

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    Because that old thing can be turned into this beaut:

    Here's what you need:

    · Old dresser

    · Tape measure

    · Plywood, cut to measurements below

    · Orbital sander

    · 80 grit sandpaper

    · Tack cloth or other cloth

    · Semi-gloss paint

    · Small paint roller, brushes + paint tray

    · Wood stain (optional)

    · Power drill

    · 1/2" screws

    · Wood trim (optional)

    · Hooks (optional)

    1. Rescue an old dresser.

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    Check your house, your parents' house, a friend's house, the thrift store or a yard sale for options.

    2. Decide how many drawers to remove.

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    The more you remove, the lower the seat will be. Remove and discard your choice of drawers (or save for another project).

    3. Remove the hardware.

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    Unscrew any handles or pulls; set aside until the bench is painted and dry.

    4. Get your measurements.

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    Measure the height of the dresser.

    A. _______________

    Measure the width of the dresser.

    B. _______________

    Measure the depth of the dresser.

    C. _______________

    Measure the distance between the top of the last drawer you’ll be keeping and the top of the dresser to determine the height of the bench, minus the thickness of the wood you'll using (ours was 3/4" thick).

    D. _______________

    Measure the width of the dresser drawer, which is the width of the dresser minus the thickness of the 2 sides.

    E. _______________

    5. Cut wood for new bench.

    Ask your local hardware store to cut the following pieces from 1 to 2 plywood sheets or cut them yourself if you have the tools; use drawing above for reference.

    1 BACK / red piece: Full height (A) x full width (B) of the dresser.

    2 SIDES / green pieces: Depth (C) x height from drawer to dresser top, minus the thickness of the plywood (D).

    1 SEAT / blue piece: Depth (C) x width of the drawer (E).

    6. Remove the back of the dresser.

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    Use a hammer to pry the back off the dresser; discard.

    7. Remove the top.

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    Use a hammer or saw to remove the top and any supports holding it in place.

    8. Remove the middle.

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    Hammer away any unneeded drawer supports or pieces in the middle the dresser where your bench will be.

    9. Sand everything.

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    Use an orbital sander fitted with 80 grit sandpaper to sand the entire dresser, including the face of the drawers you'll be keeping. Also sand the 4 pieces of plywood for the bench on all sides. Wipe clean with tack cloth to remove any dust.

    10. Give it a fresh coat of paint.

    Cover the dresser with 2 to 3 coats of semi-gloss paint, letting the paint dry between coats. Optional: Stain the plywood and let dry completely. Replace hardware.

    TIP: Use a primer on the dresser if the surface is uneven or darker than the color you'd like to paint it.

    11. Add the new bench pieces.

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    Use a power drill and screws to attach the seat to the dresser. Then attach the 2 sides pieces, followed by the back piece.

    12. Optional: Add extras.

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    Trim, hooks, or pillows—whatever you like.

    Voilà! The perfect solution for mudrooms and entryways lacking storage.

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