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    These DIY Terra-Cotta Bins Keep Outdoor Essentials Neatly Stowed

    Great for the garden, perfect for the pool.

    What you need:

    · 1 large terra-cotta saucer

    · 1 large terra-cotta planter

    · Paint and stencils (optional)

    · Industrial-strength glue

    · 2 cabinet handles

    · Waterproof sealant


    1. Place saucer on top of the planter to make sure it fits securely.

    2. Paint the top and/or sides of the planter and saucer (optional); let dry.

    3. Attach handles to the top of the saucer using industrial-strength glue. Let dry and cure per instructions.

    4. Cover the entire bin with waterproof sealant; let dry.

    5. Fill the planter with items you’d like to store and use the top as a tray.

    TIP: For a light-weight option, use plastic planters instead.

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