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Sleep Soundly On An Airplane With These Simple Tricks

Get those ZZZs, y'all.

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What to do:

1. Change your clock to the new time zone.

2. Turn off any screens: phones, laptops, even the in-seat monitor.

3. Gently massage your ears for 1 minute to reduce stress and help your body relax.

4. Wear loose, cozy clothing and a pair of warm socks.

5. Avoid crossing your legs; try to fall asleep with both feet flat on the floor.

6. Eat a small whole-grain snack.

7. Press the pressure point between your eyes and breathe deeply for 1 minute.

8. Wear your neck pillow backwards to keep your head from nodding forward (and waking you up) as you sleep.

9. Block out any light that may wake you up by wearing an eye mask.

10. Block out any noise that may wake you up by wearing a good pair of headphones and playing white noise.

11. Stick to your familiar nightly routine as much as possible to cue to your body that it’s bedtime.

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