Pretend To Be Fancy AF And Paint With Red Wine

    Sip, sip, hooray!

    Why spend money on one of those "paint and sip" art classes, when you and your crew can have your own creative night in?!

    All you!

    Step 1: Pour the wine—a lot for you, a little for the brush.

    TIP: You can simmer wine to make the color even darker.

    STEP 2: Let your in Picasso go crazy!

    Fun fact: The more you drink, the better you'll paint


    Dark red wine (like a shiraz or pinot noir)

    Bowl or ice cube tray

    Saucepan (optional)

    Paint brushes

    Watercolor paper

    T-shirts or other fabric


    1. Pour a splash of wine into a bowl or ice cube tray.

    2. For additional colors, simmer wine in a saucepan until reduced. The longer you 3. simmer, the darker the color. Divide colors among the cups of the ice cube tray.

    4. Using a paintbrush, make your design on watercolor paper, t-shirts or other fabric. Let dry. If using fabric, cover the painted area with a towel or a piece of scrap fabric and iron on the highest heat setting (holding over each section for about 30 seconds) to set the wine in the fabric.

    TIP: To prevent the pages from curling, tape watercolor paper to your work surface before painting.

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