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Get Cozy And Dust The Floors With These DIY Dusting Slippers

Might as well be efficient while you walk.

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Microfiber mat or cloths

Marker or pen

Fabric scissors
Hook-and-loop fastener

Needle and thread

No-fray glue
Heavy-duty glue


1. Trace the bottom of the slippers on microfiber using a maker.

2. Cut out as many bottoms as possible using fabric scissors.

3. For each bottom, sew strips of hook-and-loop fastener onto the non-fuzzy side of the microfiber piece. Cover the edges with no-fray glue to prevent any unraveling.

4. Glue the other side of the hook-and-loop fastener to the bottom of the slippers; let dry.

5. Stick microfiber dusting pads to the slippers. When they’re dirty, toss them in the hamper and replace with another pair. Machine wash on gentle with like colors.

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