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DIY Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp

These cute, cordless lights soak up the sun while you do!

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Old lamp


Spray paint (optional)

Solar powered garden lights
Spider ring or socket frame lamp shade

Waterproof epoxy or other industrial strength glue


1. Snip the cord of an old lamp using scissors and remove the socket and wiring. Spray paint the lamp base, if desired.

2. Remove the spike from a solar powered garden light. Activate the solar panel as the label directions.

3. For a spider ring lamp shade, glue the garden light to the lamp base using waterproof epoxy. Glue the lamp shade to the top of the garden light, covering as little of the charging panel as possible. The panel will still charge partially covered.

4. For a socket frame lamp shade, glue the lamp shade directly to the lamb base using waterproof epoxy. Glue the garden light to the lamp base and socket frame of the lamp shade.

TIP: Spray lamp shades with water repellant, if desired

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