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9 Genius Ways To Reuse Kitchen Scraps

Don't toss these hidden gems!

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Eggshells, veggie scraps, coffee grounds...they all have life beyond the compost bin!

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1. Use eggshells to scrub dirty pans.

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Use eggshells to scrub hard-to-clean pots and pans with soap and water; the abrasive shells will help release any stubborn, burnt-on mess.

2. Make flavored olive oil from herb stems.

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Transfer herb stems (like rosemary, thyme, or parsley) to an airtight container. Cover with olive oil and let sit at least 1 week. Use the oil for dipping, cooking, or dressings.


Erin Phraner / BuzzFeed / Via Giphy

3. Deodorize smelly shoes with used tea bags—really!

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After you brew your tea, transfer tea bags to a clean surface and let dry completely. Add dry tea bags to smelly shoes and let sit overnight or about 8 to 12 hours.

4. Use orange peels to make your own DIY cleaning spray.

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Add citrus peels to an empty spray bottle and fill with equal parts distilled white vinegar and water. Use the mixture as a cleaning spray – works great on countertops!

5. Brew tea from apple skin.

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After you peel an apple, transfer the apple skin to a tea pot strainer. (Optional: Add ginger peel for extra flavor.) Fill the teapot with hot water and let steep about 20 minutes.

6. Clean leather boots with a banana peel.

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Use a banana peel to shine and clean leather boots. Rub gently with the inside of the skin and buff with a cloth or paper towel.

7. De-stink the garbage disposal with used citrus.

Erin Phraner / BuzzFeed / Via Giphy

To clean your garbage disposal, add zested and/or juiced citrus (like lemons or limes) and run the disposal with the water running.

8. Flavor water with cucumber peels.

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Instead of using full slices to flavor your water, save the cucumber skin after you’ve peeled cucumber for a salad or other recipe and use those ribbons to flavor a tall glass of ice water. Bonus points for being super pretty!

9. Repel bugs with used coffee grounds.

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Transfer coffee grounds from a filter to a bowl and let dry completely. Once dry, light the coffee grounds using a lighter. The grounds will smolder and the smoke will help repel insects.

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