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7 Cutting Techniques You Need To Know If You Eat Way Too Much Fruit

If you have never sliced your finger opening an avocado, you are not human.

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Fruit #1: The Orange Rollout

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If you've ever peeled an orange, you've also dug the skin out of your nails and washed your hands 100+ times to try to get the citrusy smell off. The solution will make you cry tears of joy.


1. Cut the avocado on all four sides, rolling your knife from top to bottom and cutting through to the pit.

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If you've ever had a knife slip on you, you know that you should be holding the avocado with clawed fingers.

3. Slide your finger between the skin and the meat of the avocado and it will peel right apart.

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Peeling avocado was literally the only thing keeping the two of you apart. Use these 26 Genius Ways To Use Avocado so that you never have to stop eating avocado.


Fruit #4: The Strawberry Straw

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Anyone that has ever gotten those tiny leaves stuck to their toes knows the humiliation that this fruit can instill just by existing.


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