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    7 Napkin Folding Techniques That Will Blow Your Guests Away

    Your dining table is gonna look so fly.

    Some think that napkin folding is a lost art...

    Fold #1: The Silverware Pocket

    1. Horizontally fold your napkin in half.

    2. Fold the top layer down.

    3. Flip the whole napkin over (careful not to hold onto the fold from the last stop!) and vertically fold the entire napkin in half.

    4. Do that again.


    Fold #2: The Personal Bread Basket

    1. Diagonally fold your entire napkin from corner to corner.

    2. Fold a strip on the long side of your napkin. It should look like a paper sailor cap.

    3. Close to the end of the triangle, fold the top half of your strip over.

    4. Do the same on the other side.

    5. Wrap the overhang around the back of the napkin, then fold down the point to hold everything in place.

    6. Fill your bread bowl with bread.

    Fold #3: The Tuxedo

    1. Fold the bottom half up and fold the top half down to meet in the middle. Fold the bottom half up and the top half down again, but this time have the top half slightly layer of the bottom half.

    2. Fold the left side over and then do the same to the right. You want there to be a slight crossover.

    3. Lay the ribbon over the center of your napkin, flip it, and tie the bow on the fold side. You want to lightly cinch the middle.


    Fold #4: The Rowboat

    1. Fold the bottom third up and fold the top third over that.

    2. Fold the top left corner over so that the top corners lies at approximately the center of the napkin. Fold the right to meet the left.

    3. Flip the napkin over and roll the bottom flaps to nuzzle inside the triangle and flip the triangle. Flip it back over.

    4. Fold up the bottom of the triangle to make a diamond shape with the rolls in the center.


    Fold #5: The Eiffel Napkin

    1. Fold the bottom right corner up to meet the top left corner.

    2. Fold the top two corners up to meet the top corner. Flip the whole napkin over.

    3. Fold the bottom corner slightly above the center mark.

    4. Fold in the side corners so that the right corner tucks into the left.


    Fold #6: The Old Flame

    1. From the top corner, flip down four times.

    2. Fold the left corner up and then tightly roll your napkin.

    3. Tuck the right corner into the bottom.


    Fold #7: The Crane

    1. Diagonally fold the triangle and fold the bottom corners up to meet the top.

    2. Flip the two top triangles down.

    3. Spin your napkin and roll the bottom up.

    4. Fold the left and then the right corner over each other. Tuck the right corner underneath the left and pull the flaps out to the sides.


    Watch the full tutorial here.

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