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7 Napkin Folding Techniques That Will Blow Your Guests Away

Your dining table is gonna look so fly.

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Some think that napkin folding is a lost art...

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...but if you don't feel like investing a ton of time or money on elaborate centerpieces, this tutorial will help you make your dining room look like a banquet hall.


Fold #3: The Tuxedo

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This is quicker than a bow tie and will stay neat and tidy if you need to make a last-minute rearrangement (i.e., Uncle Bob just started arguing with Lester and you are NOT allowing them within spitting distance of each other).

1. Fold the bottom half up and fold the top half down to meet in the middle. Fold the bottom half up and the top half down again, but this time have the top half slightly layer of the bottom half.


Watch the full tutorial here.

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