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    Posted on Jun 3, 2014

    Hedgehogs In Tea Cups

    One lump of cute, or two?

    With decorative tile backsplash.

    The squinty, suspicious expression only serves to make it cuter.

    On a sun-dappled rustic deck.

    Deep in cute, afternoon conversation.

    Snuggling amongst warm fabric.

    Cutely blinking from behind cartoon trees.

    Stately, in dainty hand-painted florals.

    Confidently (and cutely) regarding the camera.

    Adjacent doppelganger cookies.

    Shyly considering a cute snack.

    Cozying in Canadian coffee.

    Lounging cutely, awaiting donuts.

    Amid a casual brunch.

    Letting it all hang out with a cute stretch.

    Upon a cherry wood dining table.

    Cutely shying away from the decaf.

    Egg cup alternative.

    Snuggled and squished into a cute egg shape.

    Multi-tasking, yarn-swaddled.

    Checking up on all the cutest email.


    Flailing cutely!

    HONORABLE MENTION: Chocolate booty.

    What's cute tea without cute nibbles?

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