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    The 20 Creepiest & Most Bizarre Moments From "The Last Unicorn"

    One of the best, most beautiful animated films of the '80s was also one of the strangest and most unnerving.

    20. "Have a taco."

    19. The cat is all kinds of messed up.

    18. The caged dragon.

    17. The Midgard serpent.

    16. Please enjoy this severed head.

    15. Amalthea is naked.

    14. The Boob Tree: the tree with boobs.

    13. Ruhk the Hunchback.

    12. Grabby Haggard.

    11. The skull is a lush.

    10. Mabruk the Magician's ragey talons.

    9. Haggard goes bananas.

    8. Mommy Fortuna's black magic.

    7. The Harpy's pendulous boobs.

    6. Lir is unceremoniously trampled.

    5. King Haggard's swan dive.

    4. The skull goes demonic.

    3. Mommy Fortuna embraces her killer.

    2. Mommy Fortuna is eaten.

    1. The Red Bull.