17 Year Old Teen Commits Suicide

After relentless bullying over his sexual orientation, young Carlos Vigil chose to end his life.

On July 14th, Seventeen year old Carlos Vigil posted on his Twitter one last time.

Just this past weekend, Carlos took a trip out of state to speak out against bullying.

So why did this happen?

I grew up in this town. I went to that exact same high school. During my high school career I saw bullying as any student does. But, surprisingly for a small town, we had many students that were open and comfortable with their sexuality. New Mexico is generally a democratic state, with the capitol Santa Fe being known for being a gay friendly city. Just a few weeks ago at Albuquerque Pride, protesters were escorted by the police away from the pride march.

Video available at:  .

Almost immediately after the announcement of his death, Carlos’ Facebook page exploded with posts.

6. messages of love.

7. messages of support.

8. friends and family fundraising for his funeral services.

Carlos was a kind and loving person. He volunteered at Warehouse 508, a youth driven arts and entertainment center, and traveled with fellow students to present an anti-bullying legislation with the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly. I wish that he could see how much he was cared for, that it was going to get better. I wish that he didn’t feel the way he did, and that the people who drove him to this really take the time to look at the way they live their lives. I hope that some day these tragedies will become a thing of the past, and that those taken from us are reminders of how fragile human life truly is. Rest In Peace Carlos.

If you wish to donate to Carlos’ funeral, you can do so here:

Acct #: 6082606
Routing Number (ABA): 307083665

And if you ever feel alone, you’re not. Talk to someone. Anyone.

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