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I Rewatched Hoodwinked And It Was Wild

Two words: Be prepared.

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It's the year 2005: your arms are clad in Livestrong bracelets and you've probably listening to Avril Lavigne on your iPod nano. Ah, what a year to be alive. I don't know if you remember, but 2005 was also the year that this iconic movie was created:

Kids in the fourth grade were obsessed with it. Either my elementary school had some weird cult following of the movie, or it was high quality children's television. I decided to investigate, as I was overcome with the urge to revisit this classic, poorly animated tale. And boy, did I have a lot of thoughts.

Why are there so many famous people in this movie?


The first thing I did was look up the cast. And I was subsequently very confused. Anne Hathaway? What are you doing in this movie? Is that Kronk (aka Patrick Warburton)?

It's really obvious who stole the recipes from the beginning.


That rabbit is a bad actor. I'm kind of embarrassed because I remember being legitimately shocked at the ~plot twist~ when I was nine, guess I wasn't as smart of a kid as I thought.

The goat is my spirit animal!!!!!!

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Be prepared!!!! Be prepared!!!! See video for further entertainment.

That was a really weird hour and a half of my life that I can't get back. Thanks, Hoodwinked. What a wild ride it was.

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