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    20 Reasons Why You Need To Watch "The End Of The F***ing World" On Netflix Immediately

    Watch it. Just... watch it.

    1. For starters, it's aesthetically pleasing. Just look at this:

    2. It takes the trope of sociopath-boyfriend and completely turns it on its head.

    3. It drops truth bombs about life in every episode.

    4. And truth bombs about mental health.

    5. It makes a great point about consent in just two lines:

    6. And shows how severe PTSD can be.

    7. Not to mention, it talks about childhood trauma in an incredibly honest way.

    8. It's both light and dark at the same time.

    9. There are some pretty hilarious moments.

    10. It paints runaway teenagers in a new light — not kids being stupid, but kids dealing with some really intense problems.

    11. And it shows teenagers just being, teenagers. Like, dancing awkwardly and not knowing how to kiss.

    Via tumblr

    12. You get to see how flawed the parents can be, no matter how much they love (or don't love) their kids.

    13. The scene where Alyssa gets her period is gold.

    14. Alyssa as a character, in general, is relatable AF.

    15. This quote about sexuality:

    16. Eunice and Teri. Just, them.

    17. On the subject of Eunice and Teri, this show speaks volumes to the awkwardness that is the workplace hookup.

    18. The music is fire.

    19. The outfits. I love their outfits. That's not really revolutionary, but I just had to say it.

    20. You'll fall in love with Alyssa and James, I swear. Now, go watch it!

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