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    7 Chinchillas You Need To Be Following On Instagram

    Who can deny the fluff?

    1. Hael_leel

    Instagram: @hael_leel

    Larry the Chinchilla can play the harmonica.

    2. Morgan_and_Pomfis

    Instagram: @Morgan_and_Pomfis

    Look at that brotherly love.

    3. Warren_the_Chinchilla

    Instagram: @Warren_the_Chinchilla

    Who doesn't love a treat?

    4. Dbidz

    Instagram: @Dbidz

    The fluffiest of them all.

    5. Joey_Laurence

    Instagram: @Joey_Laurence

    Even chinchillas need Halloween candy!

    6. Chinnybuddy

    Instagram: @Chinnybuddy

    Mr. Bagel can help you do some grocery shopping.

    7. Dollylollyy

    Instagram: @Dollylollyy

    Just look at those big beautiful eyes.