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    17 Wonder Woman Accessories Every Badass Needs

    Life is tough, but so is Wonder Woman (and you).

    1. You can rock this Wonder Woman tiara (maybe it boomerangs!) for $30.

    2. Small details can pack a big punch, and this tiny pin looks mighty for just $5.99.

    3. These beautifully detailed metal hair clips are totally badass, and just $9.67.

    4. Wonder Woman's bracelets are unbreakable, so this cuff is necessary for $48.

    5. Wear your charms on your wrist with this bangle that embodies strength, love, and grace, for $38.

    6. Pop in these simple and regal AF earrings to let them know who's boss, and get 'em for $17.99.

    7. You can top any outfit with this Wonder Woman collar and call it a day for $24.00.

    8. These choker charm necklaces can likely be converted into lassos if needed for $7.42.

    9. It's no lasso of truth, but this scarf will keep you warm when you're in flight for $12.67.

    10. Even Wonder Woman needs a casual look, and you'll get that with this cap for $11.17.

    11. Sling your shield across your shoulder with this sleek cross-body bag for $22.42.

    12. You can snag a big bag to carry that big lasso for $29.99.

    13. Not only is this gold ring wrap super cute, but it'd probably hurt if you punched someone in the face with it. Just saying. It's yours for $38.

    14. This dreamy temporary tattoo is almost too gorgeous to wash off, and just $3.49.

    15. What better way to kickoff summer than with this ombré phone case? Yours for $19.99.

    16. Keep your keys protected with this laser-engraved wood shield for $9.00.

    17. And after a hard day of kicking ass, treat your gams to these starry tights for $24.90.