Why Everyone Should Follow Josh Groban On Twitter

    The secret's out: This guy is going places.

    1. He really loves William Shatner.

    But, like, really loves him...

    Sometimes Shatner even does him a solid and Tweets back!

    And they have Twit-convos that make Josh happy.

    2. He's a little goofy.

    OK, a lot goofy.

    But cute goofy, right?

    3. He's not into all that "Hollywood" stuff.

    4. Plus, he's got some pretty funny tweets.

    Like this one.

    Or this one.

    And topical holiday ones, like this.

    5. And funny photos, too.

    6. He'll remind you how to be a responsible adult.

    7. And he might even hit on you, '90s style.

    8. Plus, he's got Twitter self-esteem issues, just like anyone else!

    9. Also, his Avatar is Inigo Montoya.

    10. Following Josh Groban was the best thing this chick ever did!