Whiskey, Will You Be My Valentine?

I have a crush on you. Now please, get in my mouth.

1. You’re all I can think about, Whiskey.

When I close my eyes it’s you, and when I open them, I wish it was you.

2. I’m sure you get this a lot, but you’re the most beautiful fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

Flickr: momentum / Via Creative Commons

Like, there are seriously no words for how you make my heart pew-pew-pew.

3. Like, your amber waves of alcohol are more majestic than mountains covered in snow.

FUCKING. MOUNTAINS. You make them look like doody in comparison.

4. Even when you’re feeling drained, I think you’re still just as gorgeous.

Flickr: 89119745@N00 / Via Creative Commons

5. The way you just POUR so smoothly out of the bottle… I mean… LOOK. AT. THAT. FUCKING. POUR.


7. UMPH.


8. Oh god, I’m so sorry. I just got a little carried away. Let me try this again… You’re incredible, whiskey.

Flickr: libraryrachel / Via Creative Commons

I bow at your altar, though I know I’m not worthy of it.

9. When I’ve had a rough day at work, I come home and you’re just THERE, ya know? You just really fucking get me.

10. When I fly, seeing you is the only thing that keeps me from ripping off all my clothes and running down the aisles in a panic.

Flickr: momentum / Via Creative Commons

It’s true.

11. You’re there when I need to talk.

12. And sometimes, when I take a sip, it’s like that fire that flows through you has leapt into my heart and filled me with a kind of passion I’ve only ever felt BECAUSE of you.

Every good time was because of you, whiskey.

13. Oh my stars, whiskey, sometimes it feels like my love for you runs so deep that I can’t tell another living soul.

Hazy Mills Productions / Via alifeunorthodox.tumblr.com

14. If they know how awesome you are, then what’s to stop them from trying to take you from me?

Don’t even think about it, whiskey home wreckers.

15. If given the chance, I’d have you all to myself each and every day. Just you and me, whiskey.

Flickr: foodriver / Via Creative Commons

Don’t be afraid, our love will be enough.

16. We could make a beautiful life together.

Flickr: br1dotcom / Via Creative Commons

Fucking beautiful.

17. I’d treat you so good, Whiskey, you’d want to be my forever Valentine.

Flickr: momentum / Via Creative Commons

18. So, what do you say, Whiskey? Will you be my Valentine?

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