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Which Year Of Your Twenties Is Actually The Best?

Give us something to look forward to.

There's a lot of talk about what you can expect in your twenties.

Like people assume your early twenties (ages 20-23) are just about partying, which can be awesome, tbh.

But it can also be a time where you're really finding yourself and making friends that will last long into your adulthood.

And you don't have too much pressure on you to settle down yet, you still get to be figuring your life out.

Your mid twenties (ages 24-26) is where the dreaded quarter-life crisis allegedly comes into play.

But that doesn't necessarily mean bad things, it just means that you're really starting to think about where you're headed.

Which can be a great thing, actually, because you're going to be putting up with way less bullshit.

And your late twenties (age 27-29), means you're inching closer to adulthood, if you're not there already.

You're really thinking in terms of the future, and what your career, friends, and love life should look like.

In a lot of ways, your late twenties seem to be prepping you for your very best self.

But the question remains: Which year of your twenties is actually the happiest, best, most fun one?

Tell us which year was your favorite and why in the comments!