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Which "Cruel Intentions" Character Are You?

Are you as naive as Cecile, or charming, like Sebastian?

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  1. 1. When it comes to losing your V-card, how do you want it to happen?

    OMG, do you mean S-E-X?
    I lost that so long ago I can't even remember who my first was.
    I'm waiting for love.
    I'd like "Spartacus" to be playing in the background.
    I have a person in mind, and I plan to make it romantic.
    V-card? Whoever uses that word is a fucking moron.
  2. 2. What's your ideal first date?

    Whatever I need to do to get their pants off.
    A day of volunteering, followed by a long walk on the beach.
    Something crazy, like roller blading!
    Plotting other people's demise.
    Something intimate, like dinner and watching live music.
    Most of the people I "date" don't like other people knowing about it, so something indoors.
  3. 3. What was your first kiss like?

    A little awkward, the girl's mother was a giant racist.
    It was with someone I really liked, until he wronged me and I had to destroy him.
    It was with my BFF, which was kind of weird, but also kind of awesome.
    With a hot cornfed stud.
    It was with my middle school sweetheart! It was adorable.
    Let's just say I've had better since then.
  4. 4. What's your policy on incest?

    Ummm... WEIRDO.
    Between two guys or...?
    Is this an actual question?
    Are we including step siblings? Because then it's totally OK.
    If I can use it to get what I want, then totally.
    I'll be praying for the person who asked this question.
  5. 5. If you need someone to do something for you, the best way to go about that is...

    I don't know, people usually ask me to do things for them, not vice versa.
    Ask them politely for a favor.
    My Mom gives me whatever I want, as long as I'm good.
    I trick them into doing it.
    Be sweet, smile, and you'll get a lot from that.
    Sex sells, right?
  6. 6. In your free time you like to...

    Help others!
    Write in my journal.
    Drink Long Island ice teas and model!
    Practice my passion: music.
    File my nails.
    Take off the fake smile I usually have to wear.
  7. 7. Is it OK to destroy someone else if it means you'll be better off in the end?

    Mostly yes.
    Sounds great in theory, but I'll pass.
    This question is morally reprehensible.
    Absolutely not.
    Ew, gross!
  8. 8. Would others describe you as popular?

    I'm well liked, but I'm too humble to use that word.
    I hang out with quality people.
    No, thank God.
    Totally! I really want to be popular. Do you think I'm popular?
    I'm popular with a few jocks, if you know what I mean...
    I'm the most popular girl in school and I fucking hate it.
  9. 9. If someone you're dating cancels last minute, what do you do?

    Find a new date.
    Make them sorry they canceled.
    I've never been canceled on, but that sounds awful!
    I'd understand if they had a legitimate excuse.
    I don't date, but I've had people cancel pillow sessions. I usually get over it.
    I'd be a little hurt, but music might make me feel better.
  10. 10. What do you think about the most: the past, present, or future?

    Mostly the present. I barely remember the past.
    The future, and what I'm going to be like when I grow up!
    My future as the reigning queen.
    A little of everything, because the past and present predict the future. I'm thoughtful like that.
    The past is what I tend to write about.
    I live mostly in the present, but I worry about my future too.
  11. 11. Do you open up to other people?

    Yes, but I also like hearing what other people have to share.
    I open up, but I'm not always truthful.
    I open up to people I can trust.
    OMG, all the time!
    I'm out... if that's what you mean?
  12. 12. What's your favorite game to play?

    Candy Land!!!
    The one where I win, and you lose.

Which "Cruel Intentions" Character Are You?

You got: Sebastian

Haiiii there, bad boy! You're sexy, witty, and playful. You put up a tough front, but you just need someone willing to put up with your bullshit long enough to break through that exterior. Because deep down you're a good person. Even though all of your exes would beg to differ. You can definitely be a jerk when you want to be, but you know how to turn on that intoxicating charm. When you meet the right person, you won't have to fake anything. (And try not to screw it up!)

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You got: Annette

You're much smarter than people give you credit for. That's because on the outside, you seem like a total good girl, but you're much more thoughtful than that. Sure, you ARE a good person, but you're also able to see the good in others. People might occasionally accuse you of being too traditional, but you're open to considering other points of view. When push comes to shove, you'll end up on top. That's because you know who you are, and aren't afraid of some bitchy coke head.

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You got: Cecile

Sweet Cecile! You've been sheltered your whole life, so it's no wonder you can be a little naive when it comes to sex and, well, life. You live for pleasing your parents, and you want to live up to their expectations, which is great. Just be careful who you make friends with along the way, because people have a tendency to take advantage of you. Or, ya know, make out with you in public parks.

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You got: Kathryn

If it isn't Miss Popular! But you didn't get to the top by being sweet, did you? Nope, you've successfully manipulated everyone around you and it's paid off. You're wealthy, sexually confident, and not afraid of being a total bitch when you need something. Only problem? You might make enemies clawing your way to the top, so watch your back.

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You got: Blaine

Hello, fabulous! You have great hair, style, and when it comes to men, you pick 'em based on how hot they look with their shirt off. Well played! You don't have a ton of friends, and mostly keep to yourself, but when someone needs a favor you're happy to help. You live for the present, and don't have time to look back into the past. Let's face it: you've carved out a nice little life for yourself.

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You got: Ronald

Hopeless romantic much? Oh, Ronald, you WILL find the right person eventually. And when you do, all of those grand romantic gestures and love letters won't be lost on her. You're young, and a lot of women won't appreciate your old school style, but just follow your instincts and you'll nab the person you want someday.

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