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What It's REALLY Like To Be A Hollywood Assistant

Confessions from actual Hollywood assistants. Including one about how to schedule your boss's vasectomy.

I asked assistants currently working in the entertainment industry to share their stories. Here's what they had to say about working in the Hollywood trenches.

1. The agency assistant who's been working through seven years of "pain and suffering":

2. The TV assistant who's been working for five years:

3. The TV production assistant who's been at it for three years:

4. The film production assistant who's been doing this for six years:

5. The talent agency assistant with three years of experience:

6. The aspiring TV exec with six years' experience:

7. The acquisitions assistant who's a three-year veteran:

8. The 5-year post-production assistant:

9. The late night TV production assistant with 2 years' experience:

10. The film production assistant:

11. The former TV agent assistant with 5 years experience: