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    What It's Really Like To Be A Celebrity At Comic-Con, As Told By "Arrow"

    I followed around Oliver, Laurel, Diggle, Felicity, and Roy before and after their Comic-Con panel. It was a lot of freight elevators, and awesome cosplay.

    This is the cast of the CW show Arrow, and I traveled as part of their entourage this past weekend at Comic-Con.

    For the badass heroes of Starling City, Saturday started off with going down the line in the press rooms.

    The press room was at the Hilton Bayfront, which is next to the convention center, and the rooms are guarded by these Secret Service-esque bosses.

    And while you're hopping from room to room, sometimes brave fans come up just to say how much they love you.

    Here, Amell had exactly two minutes to finish an apple, and listen as his manager and agent read out his schedule.

    Once you're done doing press and taking cell phone pics, everyone piles into a freight elevator.

    Which is actually a bit like a giant cage.

    That eventually opens up to the street.

    Where an enormous crowd of eager Arrow fans are waiting to catch a glimpse.

    This poor guy lost his hearing that day.

    Then the actors, their agents, managers, and various other handlers pile in to a plush bus with leather seats: Off to the Con!

    ... To basically get dropped off in an enormous warehouse.

    Where you walk through the underbelly of the convention center...

    And pass by boxes, fork lifts, enormous trash bins, and members of the Con crew, like this cool photobomber.

    Sometimes, if you're like Haynes, you take a moment to have a little fun along the way.

    Eventually, you make it to this little holding area/green room.

    And if you're John Barrowman, you take photos of your sister with Diggle.

    Score some snacks from the craft services table.

    And meet the littlest Arrow fans...

    So magical moments like this photo can happen.

    Essentially, you're in that green room to wait for the cast of The Vampire Diaries to wrap up their panel.

    So that the cast and handlers can all crowd in through the industrial-sized doors ...

    And into the backstage area of Ballroom 20.

    This is what's waiting for them, just outside the curtain, and it's what they see when they're onstage.

    And these Arrow cosplayers were front row and center.

    But before they go onstage, they wait. And wait. Until someone, in this case Warner Bros. Television publicist Ben Brown, announces that the show is about to begin.

    Then the cast watches this monitor so they can see the exclusive clip that the audience is watching.

    Once that's over, the moderator announces your name and you swag-run onstage.

    Unless you're a surprise guest, like Barrowman, in which case, you wait some more...

    For the chance to come onstage, jump on a chair, and wear your Arrow shirt with pride.

    After the moderator asks some questions, it's the fans' turn to step up to the mic.

    For some fans, like Jonah from the Make a Wish foundation, being able to ask the cast a question is one of the best moments of their life.

    A little over a half hour later, the panel ends, the cast takes a publicity photo, and exits the stage.

    Now it's time to meet the fans one-on-one at an autograph signing.

    This is what you see when you walk down to the autograph signing.

    Sometimes, you take selfies while walking, because you're at Comic-Con, so why not?

    You swag-walk past vending machines.

    And these bros.

    Right before hopping on another freight elevator, crowded with the cast and handlers.

    When you make it to the convention floor for the signing, this is what you see.

    And security does their very best to keep fans from swarming you.

    You pass the cast of The Vampire Diaries ... AGAIN.

    And take your seat, as you watch a sizzle reel from the show.

    These are all of the people who are waiting to see you.

    Fans like this guy.

    And this guy.

    Sometimes their costume is so awesome, that you kind of freak out a little.

    Other times, the fans look like their minds are exploding with happiness, just because they get to talk with you.

    And as a reward, you sign their head.

    Or their back.

    Or their poster.

    Eventually, the signing is over, and you get to leave the convention center.

    Which is a good thing, because everyone is probably pretty exhausted after a full day at the Con.