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Lance Bass Is Proof There's Hope For All Of Us

I lie awake, I drive myself crazy, thinking of new Lanceeee.

Hi. We all remember a little indie band called NSYNC. And in particular, a Mr. Lance Bass with his baritone voice.

The '00s were a really interesting time for men's fashion.

Like, deeply interesting.

But it's 2016, people, and things have fucking changed. Mainly, Lance Bass is hot AF now.

Like, does anyone have a fainting couch and a leather strap for me to bite on, HOT.

Here he is, same old guy from your NSYNC dreams.

Except now he's inarguably the hottest member.

Also, I truly do not know what's happening here, but I also don't care: oiled up and sleeveless, OK?!

Same here: no clue if this is his dog. If it's a stolen pooch. Etc. But who cares? LOOK AT HIM HOLDING THIS DOG. 😍

He looks perfect in glasses.

And bowler hats. Never knew bowler hats could be hot until this very photo, actually.

But he also just looks great all on his lonesome.

So if you don't believe in miracles, just look at what a difference 13 years can make.

Maybe we'll all become better, shinier people after a decade or so.

If there was hope for Lance, there's hope for everyone.

So cheer up.

And remember, we love Lance, and new-and-improved Lance loves us.