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Lance Bass Is Proof There's Hope For All Of Us

I lie awake, I drive myself crazy, thinking of new Lanceeee.

Hi. We all remember a little indie band called NSYNC. And in particular, a Mr. Lance Bass with his baritone voice.

Nick Elgar / Nick Elgar/ImageDirect

See? There he is in the sequined jean jacket, lol.

The '00s were a really interesting time for men's fashion.

Kellie Warren / Getty Images

Like, deeply interesting.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

But it's 2016, people, and things have fucking changed. Mainly, Lance Bass is hot AF now.

Like, does anyone have a fainting couch and a leather strap for me to bite on, HOT.

Jamie Mccarthy

Here he is, same old guy from your NSYNC dreams.

Stan Honda / AFP / Getty Images

Except now he's inarguably the hottest member.

Stan Honda / AFP / Getty Images

Timberlake is still HOT, it's just that Lance got HOTTER, ya know?

Also, I truly do not know what's happening here, but I also don't care: oiled up and sleeveless, OK?!

Important side note: That's his husband, Michael Turchin, and he is also v. v. hot.

Same here: no clue if this is his dog. If it's a stolen pooch. Etc. But who cares? LOOK AT HIM HOLDING THIS DOG. 😍

Jamie Mccarthy

He looks perfect in glasses.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

And bowler hats. Never knew bowler hats could be hot until this very photo, actually.

But he also just looks great all on his lonesome.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

So if you don't believe in miracles, just look at what a difference 13 years can make.

Frazer Harrison / Via Craig Barritt

Maybe we'll all become better, shinier people after a decade or so.

Rachel Murray

If there was hope for Lance, there's hope for everyone.

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

So cheer up.

And remember, we love Lance, and new-and-improved Lance loves us.

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