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    19 "Walking Dead" Mysteries Debunked By The Cast

    For example, why doesn't Glenn grow facial hair? That question and more answered just in time for the Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on AMC.

    We all have questions about The Walking Dead. Lucky for us, the show's stars have answers.


    BuzzFeed sat down with Norman Reedus (Daryl), Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Steven Yeun (Glenn), and Danai Gurira (Michonne) to debunk some of the pressing mysteries that pop up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Like, how do you maintain good dental hygiene when Walkers abound? And why does Rick eye-fuck the camera so damn much?

    Read below to see what they said...

    1. Who mows the grass outside the prison?

    Andrew Lincoln: There’s a zombie prison-mower guy. Who else do you think it is? Have you not seen him in the back of shots?

    Steven Yeun: Oh my god, we need to fix this shit. I don’t know, maybe the Walkers eat it? They need some green. They need the carbs.

    Norman Reedus: Maybe the zombie virus is in the grass. When we shoot on location in towns or whatever, we put up signs that say, 'Please don’t mow your grass.'

    2. How does one maintain well-trimmed facial hair in the midst of a zombie takeover? (And why doesn't Glenn ever grow facial hair?)

    NR: This is six months' worth of growth right here. So if we shave this, it won’t come back till next Christmas. This is the beard of a 14-year-old.

    SY: They won’t let me [grow a beard]! They won’t let me do it. I come in with whatever I can grow, and they say no, because it probably does look disgusting. It gets stringy, and I don’t think anybody wants that.

    AL: I think I trained at the Steven Yeun School for Beard Growth. So, basically it goes to the point at which it just stops growing, or very little grows. So, Steven Yeun trained me.

    3. Why is Rick constantly eye-fucking the camera?

    AL: It’s a technique I learned in my third year of drama school. It was second term, and it was called Eye Fucking. So yeah, I’ve built a solid career out of eye fucking.

    4. How many sleeveless shirts does Daryl own?


    NR: So far it’s been about three. I’ve pretty much worn the same thing since Season 1. I think that’s just his thing. A crossbow is one of those things where you’ve gotta move, you’ve gotta pull, and you have to have give — which was the idea behind the poncho as well, you can move in a poncho. And you can also wad it up and use it as a blanket and a pillow. I tried to introduce the poncho in Season 2 and they were like, “Nah.” The idea was it was a horse blanket that I cut a hole in and just put on me. The sleeveless thing, that’s just his vibe, which sucks, because I’m constantly having to lift weights to match those little-action figure muscles.

    5. How do you maintain dental hygiene in the zombie apocalypse?

    SY: Isn’t it if you’re on a paleo diet, your teeth don’t rot? I’ll say that — we don’t have sugary foods.

    AL: Toothpaste. There is actually a line this season, “Make sure you brush your teeth, Carl.” That's my favorite line.

    Danai Gurira: Or do they?! I think that you just get used to each other. And there’s actually a lot of stuff in the prison stored up there. That’s why the prison was such a spectacular find, because it’s stocked. I think there’s also a lot of natural remedies too — there’s mint leaves, and chewing bark.

    6. Did Andrea and Michonne ever hook up?


    DG: No, no, no. They did not.

    If Andrea and Michonne didn't hook up, then where are all the gay people?

    SY: I think they’re everywhere. They just don’t have to say it. We just accept everyone for who they are.

    7. What happened to Glenn's baseball cap?

    SY: It’s still there. I think it’s more of a symbolic choice that Glenn has grown up. And that baseball hat is still there because that Glenn still exists, but there are other things to worry about at this point.

    8. If zombies are attracted to loud noises, then why does Daryl ride a motorcycle?


    NR: They’re good on gas. You can get away quick. He rides solo. He doesn’t have to ride with someone. And he just doesn’t give a fuck. It’s a symbol, it’s his brother’s bike — he’s not going to put it down.

    9. How do the cars stay so clean?

    SY: There's an operational carwash still — it’s a Breaking Bad crossover.

    AL: It isn’t our doing! We’re trying to wreck those cars, believe me.

    10. Will Carol and Daryl ever hook up?


    NR: Once that happens it’s done, ya know? All the little awkward moments in between boys and girls when there’s a thing and not a thing is way more interesting to play than just throwing her up against a tree in the moonlight, and then that thing’s done. I don’t think he’s emotionally stable enough to care about her like that or be cared about like that.

    SY: There’s still hope in this world. "Never say never." —Justin Bieber

    11. How have they not run out of ammo yet?

    AL: We found a lot of ammo in the tombs last season. Also, we go on raids, so that’s when we go and collect things and bring them back.

    12. How does Daryl's hair stay salon fresh in the midst of zombie attacks?


    NR: “It’s so not perfectly coiffed," he laughs. "I just let it grow. I’m going for the wild animal look. I wanna find some time to just take a knife and cut holes in my hair, just go nuts. I just don’t cut it — this is just where it goes.”

    13. Why exactly is Michonne so very, very quiet?


    DG: Everybody in this realm is a product of their trauma. Michonne's trauma definitely connects with her words and communicating, and how that left her in a place where she didn’t want to discuss her trauma. She always wanted to have a more powerful position in any situation she was in, and she found that communication had weakened her position. So the less you converse, the less you reveal, and the more you learn about others. Because a lot of people can’t stand that, and need to talk, and you’re getting the upper hand. And I think that’s a part of her strategy.

    14. How is Glenn still alive at this point, and why does everyone always put him in danger?


    SY: I don't fucking know. He eats shit so much. But Glenn's resounding thing is resilience. So he has heart, and he’s resilient.

    15. How did Daryl become so awesome with nicknames?


    NR: I think he watched a lot of television as a kid. He’s kind of one of those quick-witted guys. He’s quiet until he says something, and he’s especially good at putting you down when he’s angry at you. He’s just shooting the shit, and everything’s fine, but he’s got this scorpion effect when he has to zap you down. He knows how to do it. I think that comes with growing up with an asshole brother —brothers in general are quick with each other.

    16. Is there any truth to the theory that Toy Story and The Walking Dead have the same plot?


    SY: I did hear something like that, like the governor’s the purple bear? Actually, Robert Kirkman has said on record that he based the entire Walking Dead on Toy Story. He has not. I have no idea. Who is Glenn in Toy Story? Is he Mr. Potato Head, maybe because he has a Mrs. Potato Head?

    NR: Can I be the dinosaur? Fuck yeah.

    17. Is Michonne a cat lady?


    DG: She is a cat lady, I am not. I’m a dog person, she’s a cat lady. Cats keep to themselves, they mind their own business, they’re not trying to please you — that’s Michonne.

    Where's that cat statue?

    DG: It’s in my cell!

    18. Daryl seems like the ultimate badass, but was there ever a moment when he was really afraid?


    NR: The arena scene with Merle. I tried to play that like I was going into an execution of my own. He’s a fearless guy, but it’s always the smallest dogs that bark the loudest. He’s always been fighting, because he’s always had his back against the wall. He’s always had to fight. The lower I could make myself, and the more afraid I could make myself, the more it’s about my brother and me. If you look really carefully at that scene in particular, you’ve got this Governor shouting all these things and being a badass. And when The Governor takes the hood off my face I kind of back up into him because I see my brother, and it’s more about that. "I finally found you, and we’re going to die, and look what you got me into."

    19. When did Hershel become Santa?


    SY: Since he was born. He’s always been destined to be Santa Claus.

    AL: On his off-season he started to play Saint Nicholas in Los Angeles in one of the malls downtown. I’ve sat on his knee many times, and Norman dresses up as one of his little helpers. They’re taking it on the road.

    The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres Sunday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on AMC.

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