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Posted on Sep 6, 2013

Undeniable Proof That Dunkin' Donuts Is The Best Place Ever

America runs on Dunkin', and so should everything.

1. Their chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles will put you into a sugar coma that you'll never want to wake up from.

All of their donuts will do this, actually. It's amazing.

2. The Dunkin' Donuts sign shines like a beautiful orange and pink beacon to guide your way to happiness.

3. Their iced coffee is like sipping from a jar of caffeinated heaven.

4. Even pugs like it — PUGS!


5. Just seeing that signature DD cup will fill your heart with joy.


Because you know the glory that awaits you with that first sip.

6. Because they have strawberry frosted donuts.

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

7. And chocolate frosted donuts.

jennifreas / / Via

8. Any of their donuts, TBH.

9. They come up with awesome signs, like this:

Bouncer43 / / Via

10. And when you get off a plane, you might be lucky enough to have this loved one waiting for you.

Via Erin La Rosa

I'd fly to get to Dunkin'. I'd do it right now. Who wants to come with?!

11. The Mocha Coffee Coolatta is perfect when it's hot outside, or anytime, really.

12. And when it gets cold out, the hot chocolate will melt the snow, and your heart*.


*In the best way possible.

13. In the fall, the leaves change color, and something even more magical occurs: the pumpkin muffin with Pumpkin Spice Latte combo.


So beautiful, and yet, so fleeting.

14. Or you can get the glazed pumpkin donut. Exquisite.

15. Because Dunkin' Donuts has a historic landmark, which will someday be written about in the history books*.



16. Their Halloween donuts will get you pumped for October, and life.

17. And when football season starts, they step up their donut game.


Hey, when you're a Jet, you're a Jet! (Clearly, I don't watch football. But I will eat a Jets donut without remorse.)

18. They even offer packaged coffee, so you can bring your favorite home.


Or enjoy it in Los Angeles, for example, where there are no DDs. (At least for now.)

19. Did I mention that during the Boston bombing lockdown, DD stayed open to serve locals and police?

20. Because even a fresh cup of regular coffee is enough to take your breath away.

Steve Garfield / / Creative Commons, CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: stevegarfield

Can I hang this on my wall?

21. Seeing a wall of baked goods is the best way to start your day.

22. And they somehow look even more beautiful in a foreign language.

Via Flickr: sidereal

I'll take the "clown" eclair — thanks, Berlin!


24. And Munchkins from DD are a thing of adorably small beauty.

Via Flickr: sidereal

I can try one of each flavor, several times, and still feel like it's the very first time.

Long live DD.


I want to be running on Dunkin' right now.

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