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20 TV Co-Stars Who Deserve Their Own Shows

There's just never enough Daryl Dixon in my life. Or Dowager Countess of Grantham, for that matter.

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1. Daryl Dixon

Original series: The Walking Dead

Potential spin-off title: Badass With a Bow. A crossbow, that is...

Premise: Since no prison walls can hold a force as epic as Daryl, he sets off, with Carol at his side, on his own zombie apocalypse adventures. Cutoff shirts and awesome nicknames abound.

2. Karen Walker

Original series: Will and Grace

Potential spin-off title: Hello Karen, It's Me, Vodka

Premise: Karen hosts her own daytime talk show, and drinks, and drinks, and drinks, while she makes fun of her guests. Rosario and Jack are the producers she occasionally yells at just offstage, obviously.

3. Tobias Fünke

Original series: Arrested Development

Potential spin-off title: I Just Blue Myself

Premise: Think Breaking Bad meets Intervention. This former therapist-turned-wannabe-actor snaps one day, after a particularly draining session with Carl Weathers. He turns to a life of dealing blue paint and only with the help of his family can he really be saved from his new and dangerous life.

4. Boyd Crowder

Original series: Justified

Potential spin-off title: Born Again Boyd

Premise: Are you all ready to watch a Sunday sermon care of messiah Boyd? I know I am. This would be a series where Boyd is a televangelist with ties to the Kentucky mafia. (Kind of like a hillbilly version of The Sopranos.)

5. George Costanza

Original series: Seinfeld

Potential spin-off title: My So-Called Neurotic Life

Premise: We've seen how George's neuroses take shape in New York, but what if he moved to Los Angeles? Hear me out: Think of how George would handle traffic, fake tans, and designer smoothies. This could be amazing, right?? (Yes, I realize there is Curb Your Enthusiasm, but we all need more George Costanza in our lives.)

6. Carlton Banks

Original series: Fresh Prince of Bel-AirPotential spin-off title: Dance Like Tom Jones Is Watching Premise: This could be a reality dancing series, à la Dancing With The Stars. The world is just a better place when Carlton puts on a sweater vest and dances to "It's Not Unusual."

Original series: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Potential spin-off title: Dance Like Tom Jones Is Watching

Premise: This could be a reality dancing series, à la Dancing With The Stars. The world is just a better place when Carlton puts on a sweater vest and dances to "It's Not Unusual."

7. Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson

Original series: Orange Is the New Black

Potential spin-off title: Taystee's Book Time

Premise: Taystee knows all the ins and outs of Litchfield's library, why not give her a show, like Reading Rainbow, but for convicts?! That way, we can get more book recommendations, as well as some great slam poetry from her friends.

8. Abed and Troy

Original series: Community

Potential spin-off title: Troy and Abed in the Morning, no changes needed there.

Premise: The duo's morning show is already a "thing" on Community, but I'd want to actually wake up and be able to hear their theme song, and watch them geek out while interviewing fellow students.

9. Charlie Kelly

Original series: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Potential spin-off title: Kitten Mittens

Premise: Charlie often eats cat food before bed, huffs paint on the regular, and may or may not be Frank's son. But he's also a bit of an idiot savant. It's a wonder he's still alive, and it would be cool to see to see exactly how he's managed to survive this long. (Think Man vs. Wild, but Charlie vs. the WORLD.)

10. Angie Jordan

Original series: 30 Rock

Potential spin-off title: Queen of Jordan

Premise: If viewers learned anything from Mrs. Tracy Jordan's foray into reality TV on 30 Rock, it's that this is one queen who knows how to create drama. More throwing water in unsuspecting people's faces?! Yes, please!

11. Ron Swanson

Original series: Parks and Recreation

Potential spin-off title: Meats and Mustaches

Premise: Ron Swanson does an Anthony Bourdain-like travel food show, but only about steak... sold.

12. James Doakes

Original series: Dexter

Potential spin-off title: I'm A Ghost, Motherfucker

Premise: Dexter hasn't been quite the same since they killed off the one cop in the force who knew something was off with the blood spatter analyst. So, in this sci-fi drama, ghost Doakes solves serial killer crimes and ends each episode by saying, "Surprise, motherfucker."

13. Dowager Countess of Grantham

Original series: Downton Abbey

Potential spin-off title: Dowager Knows Best

Premise: Seeing the inner workings of Downton is great, and all, but I want to go inside the Dowager's estate! She's a woman of a certain age, and that age is fabulously snarky. I'd tune in just to see how she behaves with her staff. (I imagine a lot of wonderful eye rolling.)

14. Salem Saberhagen

Original series: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Potential spin-off title: Salem

Premise: On Sabrina, Salem is not just a pet, he's a warlock. Yes, a warlock, who was sentenced to serve an indefinite sentence as a cat to pay for his crime of trying to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. This new spin-off would pick up with Salem, free of being a cat, and ready to fulfill his emperor destiny.

15. Peggy Olson

Original series: Mad Men

Potential spin-off title: Peggy In Charge

Premise: Forget Sterling, Cooper, Draper, blah blah blah. Don is an alcoholic. All of the men at the firm are useless. Peggy is in charge, and the ad world is now her world. She starts her own firm, fills it with lady creatives, and secretaries that are hot, shirtless men. I would absolutely watch that, yes.

16. Ja'mie King

Original series: Summer Heights High

Potential spin-off title: Ja'mie. That's the only title that matters.

Premise: It's senior year, and Ja'mie has to hold on to her title of being the most popular mean girl in school. Will she be catty? Check. Have narcissistic tendencies? Double check. Totally amazing hair? Absolutely.

17. Stiles Stilinski

Original series: Teen Wolf

Potential spin-off title: How to Survive In A Pack of Wolves

Premise: Stiles' werewolf friends encounter some epic supernatural force and banish Stiles and Lydia, (for love interest sake), to the safest part of the continent. Once there, Stiles uses his snark and sarcasm to charm Lydia, and they start making cute, banshee babies. Basically, I just want to see Stiles get lucky for a change.

18. Schmidt

Original series: The New Girl

Potential spin-off title: Schmidt Happens

Premise: This would be a lifestyle series, like Queer Eye, but instead of a flock of fabulous gay men, you'd have Schmidt revamping your wardrobe, personality, and hair products. (All based on his own perfected regimen, of course.)

19. Dr. John Watson

Original series: Sherlock

Potential spin-off title: Watson's War

Premise: Similar to House, this medical series follows Watson as he takes on an entirely new role: saving lives in the ER while balancing the tricky task of regular dating. And I do mean dating outside of his very serious relationship with Sherlock. It's funny, it's dramatic, it's terrifying. (Just like all great romance stories.)

20. Podrick Payne

Original series: Game of Thrones

Potential spin-off title: Podrick's Sexual Prowess

Premise: This would be a series of episodes in which Podrick actually demonstrates what it is about him that is able to please women so thoroughly. Actually, maybe this is just a late night HBO porn series? Yeah, I'd watch any and all of it.