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    16 TV Shows For Anyone Who Hates People

    These shows will reaffirm your beliefs that people are, in fact, the worst. Perfectly timed for your Thanksgiving marathons when hiding from your family!

    1. The Walking Dead


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: Basically people are horrendous when faced with a zombie apocalypse. (Think turning your back on your family, gunning down innocent folks, and living an "everyone for themselves" kind of existence.) And when those people get attacked by flesh-eating zombies, well, that's the greatest gift of all.

    Where to watch it: Seasons 1 through 4 are streaming on Netflix, and there's a Season 5 marathon this Sunday, Nov. 30.

    2. How to Get Away With Murder


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: The relationship between Annalise (Viola Davis) and her horrifying excuse for a human husband (Tom Verica) is enough to make your eyes twitch. Plus, there are a lot of really amazing and hate-filled lines, like, "Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?"

    Where to watch it: Full episodes are streaming on, so what are you waiting for?!

    3. True Detective


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: There's a big bad villain in this series, lovingly referred to as The Spaghetti Monster. You'll hate this person with the kind of gut venom usually reserved for your own enemies. And then there’s Detective Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey), who's constantly waxing philosophical to a point where you aren't sure if he's insane or a genius. Combine that with Detective Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson), who's the World's Worst Husband and Father, and you've got yourself a lotta folks to hate on.

    Where to watch it: HBO Go is THE place to watch this. Steal your friend's password, threaten to eat all their Cheetos... do what you gotta do.

    4. House of Cards

    Netflix / Via

    Why it will fuel your hate fire: No one thinks other people are more annoying than Frank and Claire Underwood. If it were up to them, the United States would exist as a dictatorship, with Frank at the head of it and everyone else mere servants.

    Where to watch it: This is a Netflix original series, so all two seasons are yours for the binge-watching.

    5. Hannibal


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: Oh my stars, Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) is so deliciously evil. He manipulates everyone around him, and it really hurts when he goes for the vulnerable ones. You'll hate him and love him at the same time, especially when he kills and eats someone who you wanted to see go.

    Where to watch it: NBC offers a few episodes from Season 2 for free, but you really need to watch from the beginning. (So, Amazon Instant it is!)

    6. Fargo


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: People do very bad things in Minnesota. And by people, I mean Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) and Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton). Their intense dislike for others will not only make you feel a kinship with them, but the ending of the series will be THAT much more satisfying. (Trust me on this one.)

    Where to watch it: It's only available to buy on Amazon Instant, but you get the whole season for $15, which, ya know, is worth the feeling of intense satisfaction.

    7. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: These four friends are the most selfish, despicable people on the planet. Like, seriously, they do terrible things (that are also really funny). But you'll watch them be awful and think, Yes, I understand you, friend.

    Where to watch it: All nine seasons are streaming on Netflix. You've got a lot of hate-watching to get to!

    8. Dexter


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: Know who understands your lack of empathy toward others? Dexter Morgan, because he's a psychopath serial killer, that's who! Plus, you get to watch him kill really awful people, which, in its own special way, will make you feel like maybe there is a higher purpose to your hatred.

    Where to watch it: The full eight seasons are streaming on Netflix, but save yourself some heartache and time and just watch through Season 4. (Unless you REALLY want to hate everyone, in which case, watch all the way through the horrible series finale.)

    9. Breaking Bad

    AMC / Via

    Why it will fuel your hate fire: If the fact that a high school teacher has to cook meth to support his family doesn't make you hate people even more, then how Walter White (Bryan Cranston) treats Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) will.

    Where to watch it: There are holiday weekends coming up, so you really have no excuse not to binge-watch through Season 5 on Netflix streaming.

    10. The Knick

    Anonymous Content

    Why it will fuel your hate fire: Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen) is not a nice man. He's racist, a drug addict, and rather unpleasant to be around. So you'll hate him, and at times hope he succeeds (seeing as he's trying to make progress in medicine and all). Bonus: The pilot has a particularly funny and horrifying scene toward the end, involving Dr. Thackery's penis. It's a must-see.

    Where to watch it: If you have Max Go (Cinemax's version of HBO Go), then you can watch the full Season 1 there.

    11. Mad Men


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: Men are pieces of shit, basically, or at least the men in Mad Men are. Nothing will make you think "people are the worst" more than when you watch Don Draper slowly spiral into a pit of despair, and take a lot of people down with him.

    Where to watch it: It's almost the end of the series, so you can catch up on Netflix instant and watch the second half of the final season next year.

    12. House, M.D.

    Heel & Toe Films

    Why it will fuel your hate fire: Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) loathes his patients. Which is a problem, because, ya know, he's a doctor and he needs patients. But if anyone is going to make you feel like someone gets why hating people feels so good, it's Dr. House.

    Where to watch it: You can see Dr. House's hate-filled vitriol being thrown around on Netflix instant.

    13. Curb Your Enthusiasm


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: Larry David perfectly channels the inner curmudgeon in all of us. He hates people. He's terrible around them. And watching him trip and fail his way through life will make you feel better about yourself.

    Where to watch it: You'll get your fill of neuroses on HBO Go.

    14. American Horror Story


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: Each season of this show has a distinct beginning, middle, and end, so you can watch one season and be done. But why only watch one, when each season so carefully paints people as disgusting, terrible beings? You'll hate everything and everyone, and it will be like this show was made explicitly for you alone.

    Where to watch it: American Horror Story is currently in Season 4, but you can watch the first two seasons on Netflix instant, and select episodes from Season 4 on the FX website.

    15. The Fall

    Artists Studio

    Why it will fuel your hate fire: There's a serial killer on the loose, and that serial killer is Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan). He lives a massive double life, which includes deceiving people whose lives would be destroyed if the truth came out. He's a monster, and you will absolutely hate him. Bonus badass points: Gillian Anderson plays a no-nonsense cop and you will want to be as "zero fucks" as she is.

    Where to watch it: This series is super easy to watch, seeing as Season 1 only has five episodes, and it's streaming on Netflix.

    16. Game of Thrones


    Why it will fuel your hate fire: There are just so many unlikable people in this series — Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister... all of the Lannisters, except Tyrion, basically. And those awful characters hate people too. So you'll find yourself at the interesting crossroads of both understanding and despising them. It's really quite wonderful.

    Where to watch it: HBO Go is your friend on this one.

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