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23 TV Sex Scenes You Need To See From 2016

Y'all sure did like doggy style in 2016, huh?

23. All of the gold spray-painted robots in Westworld

22. Elijah and Dill, Girls

21. Matt and That Damn Witch in the Woods aka LADY GAGA, American Horror Story: Roanoke

20. Fleabag and that random dude, Fleabag

19. Quentin and Alice, The Magicians

18. Lucy, Tom, and Annie, Easy

17. Annalise and Nate, How to Get Away With Murder

16. Shelby and Matt, American Horror Story: Roanoke

15. Molly and Jered, Insecure

14. Ralph Angel and Darla, Queen Sugar

13. Christine and David, The Girlfriend Experience

12. Kanan and Candie, Power

That's right, this is the moment we got to see 50 Cent's peen. His magic stick, if I may.

11. Kelly and Yorkie, Black Mirror

10. Jack and Valerie, Casual

9. Rick and Michonne, The Walking Dead

8. Dolores and William, Westworld

7. Patrick and Jimmy (aka that dude he picked up at a bar), Looking

6. Javier and Marta Ochoa, Narcos

5. Ghost and Angela, Power

4. Chase and Jo, Easy

3. Claire and Jamie, Outlander

2. Issa and Daniel, Insecure

1. Misty and Luke, Luke Cage

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