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19 Episodes Of TV That Will Make You Sob Uncontrollably

Box of tissues not included.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for episodes of TV shows that turned them into a puddle of tears. Read on with a box of tissues.

Note: submissions have been edited for clarity and length.

1. Grey's Anatomy, "Losing My Religion," Season 2, Episode 27


If I need a cry, I always watch the Season 2 finale of Grey's Anatomy. Katherine Heigl's emotional performance mixed with "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol playing always gets me!


2. Parenthood, every episode of Season 4


I think I ugly-cried during every episode of Season 4. The show perfectly depicted an ordinary family dealing with ordinary struggles. There wasn't a sad topic that the show didn't include, so there's a 99.9% chance that it will hit close to home for you in one way or another.



3. The Office, "Finale," Season 9, Episode 23


When Michael leaves Scranton, or when the entire series ends, it feels like you are losing friends you've had for years. It's a breakup, but worse, because you're breaking up with a dozen people you have spent several years getting to know. You don't realize how much you've enjoyed your time at Dunder Mifflin until it's over.


5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Body," Season 5, Episode 16


Just watch the episode "The Body" and try not to cry. It's the most beautiful and heartbreaking episode of TV that has ever graced your television.


6. Glee, "The Quarterback," Season 5, Episode 3


It makes me sob my eyes out every time! It's just so filled with emotions, and since Cory Monteith passed away in real life it just makes everything so much more real.



8. One Tree Hill, "The Wind That Blew My Heart Away," Season 3, Episode 13


A lot of episodes make me cry, but there are a few in particular. "The Wind That Blew My Heart Away" always make me cry, even though I know exactly what will happen.


9. Six Feet Under, "Everyone's Waiting," Season 5, Episode 12 / Via HBO

The final scene as Claire is driving off to Sia's "Breathe Me" is heart-wrenching. Most of the show is an emotional roller-coaster and the cathartic ending is the best ending to a series ever made.


10. Criminal Minds, "Mosley Lane," Season 5, Episode 16


OK so this seems kinda weird, but certain Criminal Minds episodes get me. Every. Damn. Time. "Mosley Lane" and "Our Darkest Hour" both make you cry because of the actual crime victims.



11. Downton Abbey, all of Season 3


The characters feel so real and you become truly invested in their lives. Thanks to the incredible acting and scripts, you always feel what the characters are feeling. And when a beloved character dies, it hurts. Season 3 especially left me in a puddle of tears for weeks.



19. The Vampire Diaries, "Do Not Go Gentle," Season 3, Episode 20 / Via CW

An episode that especially gets to me is "Do Not Go Gentle." When everyone is saying goodbye it's already heartbreaking, but once "Be Still" by The Fray starts playing is when I really lose it. It's an episode that is guaranteed to make me sob every time I watch it. —quil43