17 Truths Only Book Lovers Will Understand

It’s not “just a book,” OK?

1. You’ve been told you have a “problem”:

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2. If you start a book right before bed, there will be no bed:

3. The joy and agony of ending a great book:

instagram.com / Via Fox

4. Books > Productivity:

5. The hardest question to ever answer:

6. Other people should never get in-between you and your book:

instagram.com / Via EuropaCorp

7. How you feel when someone says they don’t really read:

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8. And when people talk about seeing the movie instead of reading the book, they’re automatically on your shit list:

Universal Pictures / Via instagram.com

9. Each and every one of your books are precious:

10. If there’s a bookstore, you’re going to it:

Jeff Franklin Productions / Via instagram.com

11. This terrible struggle:

Warner Brothers / Via instagram.com

12. If you’re reading a series, you avoid online spoilers at all costs:

NBC / Via instagram.com

13. You know that bookmarks are nothing but a name:

14. You get a little prickly when it comes to film adaptations:

15. Some people really don’t get your obsession:

Touchstone Pictures / Via instagram.com

16. And they underestimate your reading powers:

Lucasfilm / Via instagram.com

17. But despite everything, you still get an overwhelming feeling of joy every time you crack open a new book:

NBC / Via instagram.com

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