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    Top 10 Sexiest Professors in Film

    There's a type for all of your higher education tastes!

    1. Professor George Falconer in "A Single Man"

    Hipster frames? Check. Silver-fox coif? Check. Even hotter because he has sad eyes? Triple check.

    2. Martha and George in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

    Their heated bickering makes these two professors hotter. Something not even Lindsay Lohan's interpretation in Liz & Dick can ruin.

    3. Professor Jules Hilbert in "Stranger than Fiction"

    The film was forgettable, but Dustin Hoffman in a tie is knot. (See what we did there?)

    4. Prof. Grady Tripp in "Wonder Boys"

    Michael Douglas, we'd like to stay after class for some private tutoring. Also, we're allergic to clothes, so please take that fancy scarf off.

    5. Bridges and Babs in "The Mirror Has Two Faces"

    Two Columbia University professors + a bow tie = one sexy pair.

    6. Dr. Lee in "Drumline"

    Sorry, our tongues just fell out of our heads. Thank you, Orlando Jones!

    7. Professor John Nash in "A Beautiful Mind"

    Sometimes the crazy ones are the hottest, that's just a fact of life!

    8. Professor Callahan in "Legally Blonde"

    He sexually harasses Elle Woods to no avail, but what we're suggesting is...maybe he can try it on us instead?

    9. Dr. Frank Bryant in "Educating Rita"

    Yes, that is a young Michael Caine and he's rocking a glorious beard.

    10. Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

    And now this is you.

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