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19 Passive Aggressive Notes That Deserve A Damn Medal

You're doing us all a favor, passive aggressive note writers.

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1. When someone vandalized this note and made it even better.

2. When Mom found the rolling paper.

3. When this "apology" happened.

4. When this birthday message also had another message.

5. When one note was followed by a super important update note.

6. When this Oregon Trail reference was made.

7. When this marriage proposal was followed by a note.

8. When the downstairs neighbors said, "Hello, we hear you!"

9. When upper management chimed in.

10. When this clever response happened.

11. When SpongeBob was totally called out.

12. When the Wi-Fi password came with some easy-to-follow steps.

13. When this security measure was taken.

14. When Kanye stepped in.

15. When the Halloween spirit refused to die.

16. When this missing person's note was made.

17. When this super helpful instructional note was left.

18. When the Doctor Who mug went missing.

19. When these hot hors d'oeuvres were served.

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