17 Times Kourtney Kardashian Shut Down Her Own Family

    "If that's what makes you happy and that tickles your nuts, go for it."

    1. When she felt no regrets about making fun of Kim:

    2. And also clearly enjoyed watching Kim fall:

    3. When she said this thing about Kris Humphries:

    4. And this other wonderful thing about Kris Humphries:

    5. When she told her mom not to hold her breath for a wedding:

    6. When she had to deal with a familial dispute:

    7. When she was all of us on a phone call:

    8. When she leveled with Kim:

    9. When she had a great idea for some stress relief:

    10. When she was brutally honest with Kim:

    11. When she gave her own version of a blessing:

    12. When she gave this not so subtle hint to Scott:

    13. When she said everything you needed to know with a look:


    14. When Scott sent her a naughty text...

    ...and she responded with this:

    15. And when she gave Scott hope, only to tear it all to shreds.

    16. When she confessed her newfound love for herself.


    17. And finally, when she told Kim to get over losing her $75,000 earring.