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23 Cat Portraits That Describe Your Life Goals

These are pawesome.

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1. When this mew-tiful likeness was made.

2. Also, when this cat wanted to be Purrncess Leia so badly that she'd go to any means to do so.

3. When Chilli wasn't spicy so much as adorable.

4. When this cat's hiss was transformed into a work of pop art.

5. And when this cat went up against a snake foe in one of the most epic battles this world has ever known.

6. When this cat indulged just a bit too much in the ~cosmic catnip~.

7. When this black cat changed into a swashbuckling pirate!


8. The time that a cat was given a scarf, and looked positively radiant.

9. And this dapper gent became a benevolent Kitty King.

10. When this queen had too much cattitude.

11. When this handsome feline stepped onto the canvas.

12. When this truly meow-ficent portrait happened.

13. When this pawsitively gorgeous lady posed for us.

14. Which was just before the Queen of Hearts showed up.

15. The meowment these two graced us with their presence.

16. Or when this pair really had no qualms about showcasing their fall fashion choices.

17. When this cat was given the gift of gazing at his heart's deepest desire.

18. Paw-lease, like anyone could resist this guy?

19. When this colonel was captured in his furr-nest clothes.

20. When Pope John Paw II managed to take a break for this work of art.

21. The time a cat was too cool for us all.

22. When this extremely litter-ate portrait was made.

23. And finally, when this Scottish fold got the portrait it, nay we all, deserved.

Cat portraits for Purresident.

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