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    All Of "The Simpsons" Movie Tributes You Ever Wanted To See

    Hannibal Lecter: A role Mr. Burns was born to play.

    Because the universe is good, The Simpsons has been on-air for 27 years, and they've paid homage to a ton of movies in the process.


    Like this magical one they made to Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Homer makes an excellent rolling boulder.

    As such, Vimeo user cgmzz created an awesome super cut of some of the biggest tributes to film The Simpsons have made.

    It puts 27 films side-by-side with The Simpsons episodes so you can see exactly how they recreated the iconic scenes.

    Like when they paid tribute to that epic kiss scene in Spiderman.

    Fox / Columbia Pictures / Via

    Or when Homer went full Jack Nicholson for a very special "Treehouse of Horror" episode.

    Warner Bros. / Fox / Via

    Bless those Halloween episodes.

    Of course there was an epic horse head tribute from The Godfather.

    Paramount Pictures / Fox / Via

    Poor Lisa.

    And Mr. Burns had no problem playing the role of Hannibal, natch.

    Orion Pictures / Fox / Via


    Basically: More Simpsons tributes to movies, please.

    The Geffen Company / Fox / Via

    They're nothing short of ~iconic~.

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