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This New "Jurassic World" Trailer Is Everything You Need

"She was designed to be bigger than the T. rex."

Friends, Romans, dinosaurs, lend me your ears: There's a NEW Jurassic World trailer, and it's everything you need to get you through the week.

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First of all, we're going back to the island we all know so well...


Where Chris Pratt is the dino wrangler (aka CAN I HAVE YOUR JOB?!).

...and is also wearing an amazing leather vest.

Bryce Dallas Howard is looking fierce AF and giving some eye-roll realness.

And there are some crazy cool-looking park attractions.

Like, why can't you ride around Disneyland in a bubble now? This would improve Disneyland by roughly a million percent.

All hell is breaking loose, including sea monsters gobbling up pterodactyls.

RIP pterodactyl friend.

And then there's this big momma: a genetically modified dinosaur, because YES.

Chris Pratt: "What happened to the sibling?"

BDH: ... "She ate it."

Hmm... What's gonna happen to this little guy?

Basically, Chris Pratt is all of us thinking, "More Jurassic World, please!"

Thank you, Chris Pratt, for everything.

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