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    This Kid Was Sent Home From School For The Best Reason Ever

    The pursuit of delicious cheese is always the right decision. ALWAYS.

    A Reddit user shared the note his brother was sent home from school with, and it's absolutely amazing...

    Was it vomiting? Head lice? Some other violent ailment?

    Question: How does one get a nacho in their eye?

    Was it some kind of nacho duel?!

    Or perhaps this kid was making out with a plate of nachos, as one does, and got a little TOO aggressive?!

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Or maybe, just ~MAYBE~, the alluring scent of cheese overwhelmed him so much that he poured them all over his face!

    Disney / Via


    Whatever the reason: Keep fighting the good fight, kid. You're just doing god's work.

    Adult Swim / Via

    Not everyone can be as courageous as you. ::: slowly claps, stands, and never sits down again :::

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