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22 Photos That Prove The Hanson Brothers Are Actually Smoking Hot

MMMHot. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

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1. Hey, how are you? OK, more importantly: Look at this hot as fuck picture of Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson all grown up.

And just so we're all clear, Isaac is 33 now. Taylor is 30. And baby Zac is 28. They grew up REAL NICE.

7. My ovaries just exploded in hearts.

That is the luckiest fucking koala of all time. Not that I'm insanely jealous of it being in Taylor's arms, or anything...

14. OMG. Ed Sheeran is a ginger, and so am I, and it's like... now I know what a Hanson sandwich would look like and I'm literally SWEATING.

16. Hi, I don't know why you're wearing this weird V-shirt Tay, or why Zac has green leather, or WTF that soul patch is doing, Isaac... I just want it all on my face.

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