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This In-N-Out Lego Re-Creation Will Blow Your Mind

It will also make you hungry. BRB going to In-N-Out.

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The custom vinyl In-N-Out logo stickers are the only pieces of the set that aren't genuine Lego parts, according to Jon Furman, the man who created this vision.

Flickr: 24436176@N05 / Via Creative Commons

"All of the parts are stock Lego pieces except for the signage," Furman told BuzzFeed. "I tried to build the structure so it was instantly recognizable as an In-N-Out but since I live in the In-N-Out desert that is the Pacific Northwest, most people here thought that it was a replica of an inferior competitor. I'm not at all cool with that, so I asked a graphic designer I know to replicate the Logo and had an acquaintance print me two of them as vinyl cling stickers. Finishing it was a bit of a collective effort and I've got to give a big thank you to my friend Jordan for the amazing photographs."


In an email to BuzzFeed, Jon said that the project took about three years to complete, since getting his hands on the right Lego parts wasn't always easy.

Flickr: 24436176@N05 / Via Creative Commons

"The total build took place over about three years, mostly because getting my hands on the right pieces proved to be a bit of a difficulty early on," Furman said. "For instance, the neon lighting around the upper cornice is made from red lightsaber pieces. Since red lightsabers are included in very few Lego sets you either pay an adult through the nose for them online or barter with the local kids."

The inspiration came to Furman four years ago when he took a trip to L.A. and brought back a souvenir In-N-Out hat to hang in his office.

Flickr: 24436176@N05 / Via Creative Commons

"In a nostalgic moment, I thought about building a mini restaurant out of Lego," Furman said. "I didn't think of it again until I saw a Lego Mini-figure who came with a lego version of the ubiquitous fast food hat, and I realized that If I built it, I could actually staff it with employees. That set the scale and got me started on miniaturizing the equipment."

And used locations throughout California as a reference tool.

Flickr: 24436176@N05 / Via Creative Commons

"I leaned pretty heavily on the closest location [to me], about six hours south in Redding, California," Furman explained. "I used pics of the locations in El Cajon and Carlsbad as references for the lobby, and I'm mostly just guessing as to the walk-in cooler."


"Quite honestly, the hardest part of putting it together was the long stretches between In-N-Out visits," Furman said, "and my standing order at In-N-Out is a number two: no onion, with extra toast, and a Coke with lemon."

Flickr: 24436176@N05 / Via Creative Commons

And now it's time to go get the real thing! Thank you, Jon, for building this glorious tribute to the mecca that is In-N-Out. #trulyblessed


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