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    "Game Of Thrones" As Told By Cats Will Make You Smile

    Who will sit on the Iron Paw?

    People of Westeros and Essos, a moment of silence because Season 6 of Game of Thrones is upon us.

    HBO / Via

    :: takes moment and internally screams ::

    As such, the good people at Mashable have brought us a Season 5 recap... but with kittens.

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    Behold, the beauty of a cat sitting on the Iron Throne.

    And a cat version of Drogon, just burning those masked men to the ground.

    Followed by our Khaleesi effortlessly being rescued by the Drogon flying cat.

    Not to mention the Hall of Faces, just enhanced with a faceless cat.

    This cat is no one.

    The cat version of the Shame Bell walk makes that whole scene a lot more tolerable.

    But I won't lie, the cat version of Jon Snow's death is just...

    ...Still a little hard to handle.

    (Don't worry, this cat is just a REALLY great actor.)

    And because we all know the only thing better than Game of Thrones Season 6 is getting to watch it with someone you love (aka a new cat), there's also this:

    Adopt before the premiere tomorrow and you can recreate the first episode of the season on your own!

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