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    This 1963 Guide To Hating Cats Will Make You Like Them More

    Cats still rule. But nice try, these guys!

    Despite what the Internet has told you, people hate cats. Need proof? Check out A Cat-Hater's Handbook, penned by William Cole and illustrated by the famed Tomi Ungerer (of The New Yorker and the Dr. Strangelove film poster).

    Unfortunately, these two didn't realize their anti-cat sentiments would translate into an even higher cat-enthusiast fervor! Whoops, on their part.

    1. The title juxtaposed with the cat crying out for love does little to stir hatred and rather humanizes the feline.

    The book was penned in 1963, but didn't get published until 1982.

    2. Even though the authors tried to highlight a cat's superior countenance, they only increased our desire to see cat's with ribbons.

    3. Cats killing things?! My heroes!!!

    4. "Cats expect a lot from humans." You know who else expects a lot from their fellow man? All of us.

    5. The authors here show the murderous nature of a kitty. Only problem? A cat that can juggle mice would be awesome.

    6. So, wait, first cats are too mean to rats and now they're not mean enough? This just makes us hate the authors' inconsistency.

    7. Sexy kitties?! Yes, please!

    8. Ever been marginalized or made to feel less than? Then you'll sympathize with this poor fella.

    9. While the argument is sound, the drawings remain cute.

    10. This is just a low blow.

    11. Perhaps this was to reinforce kitty terror? Either way, I'm totally jealous of this cat's nails. Fabulous!

    12. Who needs guard dogs when you can have one angry cat? Epic!

    13. This butler is a total drama queen and that can looks delicious.

    14. The tiniest butthole in the world?! Awww! That's adorable!

    Hate to see you go, but love to watch you walk away.

    Check out the full catalogue of images over at Brain Pickings.

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