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    19 Pokémon Go Realities That Are Too Real

    OK Pokémon Go, we get it: we're all terribly out of shape.

    1. You had no idea how out of shape you truly were:

    2. The struggle of being in a place with no Pokémon:

    3. The importance of customization:

    4. Like, seriously:

    5. It's impossible not to laugh when Pokémon show up in wildly inappropriate places:

    6. You really don't give AF about anything else rn:

    7. You've considered moving neighborhoods to get closer to Pokémon glory:

    8. Your priorities are perfectly fine:

    9. Your social skills are now this:

    10. Oh, and you definitely have a strategy:

    11. Others have suffered because of your addiction:

    12. But you know the world is forever changed:

    13. You dread the moment when this happens:

    14. No one really and truly understands your devotion to Pokémon Go:

    15. People have basically told you to cut it out:

    16. You've done some things you're not proud of:

    17. You genuinely can't stop thinking about Pokémons you still need to catch:

    18. And while you know there are people out there who have more advantages than you:

    19. You're in this 100%: