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    9 Things You Missed At The Comic-Con BuzzFeed Bash

    The party celebrated the August launch of CW Seed, the CW's all-digital network. Did I mention there were cat masks?!

    1. Getting tatted up, like a badass.

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    Fake tatted, naturally.

    2. Drinking.

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    3. Tunage.

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    4. Swag, swag, and more swag.

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    The shades especially come in handy the morning after.

    5. A panel, with guests like Milo Ventimiglia, that turned into a drinking game.

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    From left to right: Moderator and BuzzFeed reporter Adam B. Vary, Michael Hobert (P.E.T. Squad), John Dale (P.E.T. Squad), Milo (producer, P.E.T. Squad), Brad Bell (showrunner, co-star, Husbands), and Jane Espenson (co-creator, Husbands).

    Oh, and if you're wondering about the drinking game, it went something like this: If one of the panel guests said the words "Comic-Con" or "Character," you had to take a sip. I got a little tipsy, needless to say.

    6. Watching the trailer for the new CW Seed comedy, P.E.T. Squad, with the stars of the show in attendance.

    It's about ghost hunters, and a fame whore, you guys.

    7. Hearing about the new season of Husbands, from the writers and stars themselves.

    8. Getting an exclusive look at L.A. Rangers, the CW Seeds newest series.

    9. And an epic gif photo booth, complete with cat masks.

    Paws optional, Aimee Teegarden.